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Grasping, Teethers and Rattles
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An award-winning toy!
An award-winning grabbing toy - from six colorful triangles, that can be flipped over.

Trix is made of beech wood, with ecological, water-based, non-toxic lacquers.
Multiple coats of lacquer render the surface especially resistant to humidity and mechanical strain.
Crafted to withstand years and years of use.

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Customer reviews

Average customer review:

Rated: Rated 5

Trix from Haba

Haba really makes the greatest baby toys. The colors are vibrant and stay that way. The wood is so very smooth. Even with all the chewing that my son does, his Trix toy is still soft and smooth. And we love that the triangles flip around. My five-year-old plays with this one too! It's great to keep little hands busy in the car.

Rated: Rated 5

Great toy!

I agree with the previous reviewer. My babies both have 6 teeth each now, and they love to chew on this toy - but you wouldn't know it! The colors are still unchipped or faded, and the wood seems to be undamaged. Very well made toy!

Rated: Rated 5

Perfect diaper bag toy

As the other reviewers said, the colors are bright and this toy stands up to teething and tantrums. It's been in my diaper bag for more than two years because it fits easily in a pocket and because the triangles flip in and out it continues to be entertaining. And, It washes well when coated with the inevitable goo that goes along with babies.

Rated: Rated 5

Perfect for babies and toddlers!

My 3 year old daughter loves this as much as her little brother! She's always twisting and turning it. I'm thinking of getting another just so they both can have one! Exceptional quality, once again from Haba.

Rated: Rated 5

beautifully simple

trix is a brilliantly simple toy from haba. my youngest enjoys mouthing the smooth triangles while my older boys enjoy making different shapes by flipping over this triangle or that triangle. beautiful, vivid colors that don't rub (or gum!) off are only one reason to love this toy.

Rated: Rated 5

Fidget Fun

Adults can have fun with this, too. I love "fidget" manipulatives to alleviate anxiety and boredom. Put this in your bag and pull it out instead of wringing your hands, biting your nails, or whatever method you use to de-stress. It's small enough to fiddle with during boring staff meetings or at stoplights. People may stare (out of curiosity) and when they get it in their hands, they'll want one, too. It's cheerfully designed and has smooth pieces, which allow easy manipulation. There aren't too many designs you can make; I just like flipping the triangles back and forth. I was a little embarrassed when I bought this and saw the recommended age on the box. I'm glad others admit to playing with these things!

Rated: Rated 5

A great manipulative

This is our favorite baby toy. The triangles when closed fit exactly the palm of my hand. The base of the triangles are threaded onto a bungee string and so the points can flip outward. My 7 month old finds the changing shapes fascinating and big brother will sit and change it for her, he calls it a transformer. This is always in our diaper bag for outings and has never failed to engage her interest. Apparently it tastes good too because she is always munching on it, and I can rest assured it's absolutely safe for her to do so. We buy Trix for every baby shower we attend and the adults can't help but play with it too.

Rated: Rated 5

Babies favorite Toy!! Great for diaper bag

I can't believe how awesome this toy is. It looks so simple and unassuming but it can be manipulated by my 7 month old daughter with such joy and interest! This is her favorite toy! The colors are so very rich yet you can still see the wood grain. It is a quiet toy. When closed it is exactly the size of my palm, it 'opens' out bigger. No odd ball plastics, fad chemicals, or batteries- it's so safe for her to chop on- which she does constantly! Big brother will sit and flip the triangles around in a sort of it-must-be-magic fascination, even grown-ups get caught absentmindedly playing with Trix. I wish I had know about this company before. These Haba toys seems so simple but don't underestimate the true value of these toys. I was shocked and immediately taken in and so was my little girl. We now will box up all our plastics and make the investment in these wonderful toys which we will be able to pass down to the next baby.

Rated: Rated 5

Another Favorite From Haba

This was one of the first Haba toys I bought for my twins. I am glad I bought it, because they loved it! Especially one of my boys. He was always chewing on it!. It even came with us to an emergency hospital trip, where it got lost. Of course I had to buy another one as a replacement! My boys are 19 months now, but they still take it out to play sometimes. We really enjoy this toy! I can't wait to offer it to a third baby, and our grandchildren!

Rated: Rated 5

Fantastic toy

Has held up for a year and a half showing no signs of wear. Great for waiting at restaurants, in airplanes. wonderful teether. Must have in the diaper bag.
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