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Teatime Tin

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Wonderfull little tin with four tea bags.
Great way to promote creative food play and kitchen play.

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Rated: Rated 4

tea time

a must have for a tea party with the dolls and teddy bears in your child's life. fun and well made toy. 4 wood tea bags in a beautiful tin. small and compact for the older ones.

Rated: Rated 4

Very nice, but a bit small!

It seamed like such a great idea to get this one for my kid as we drink a lot of tea and he always pretends to make some. However I was a bit disappointed. The tea begs are a bit small for my taste, about 1” x 1.5”. I guess it will work if your child has a tea set with really small cups, mine does not. Quality though as always great.

Rated: Rated 5

Tea for teddy

and dolly and daddy and.... After a lifetime of watching her parents drink tea, my daughter is thrilled to have her own tea bags to make tea for her stuffed animals, parents and other guests. These are, like all Haba foods, very well made, extremely cute, and just the right size for little tea sets.

Rated: Rated 5

Tea and cookies?

These tea bags are the perfect size for tiny teacups. Beatuifully constructed out of smooth wood they are sure to last through years of play. I love that even the little tags are wood to ensure durability. The tin makes a perfect storage container.

Rated: Rated 5

The perfect addition to a toy teaset

I gasped when I opened the package because this toy is so cute. It really enhances tea party play. Both my daughters, ages 10 and 3, absolutely love this set. The little wooden teabags look very realistic. The only thing that could possibly be better is the artwork design on the tin. My older daughter wishes it looked more realistic instead of depicting surfing cartoon teabags. Pair this item with a toy teaset, and you have the perfect gift for any little girl!

Rated: Rated 5

Absolutely Perfect!

These little wooden teabags are awesome! What a great idea for tea party play when you dont want to use water. 3 year olds+ teapot+water=mess! This is a delightful alternative, and they are a great size, not too small at all. We love this product!

Rated: Rated 5

LOVE these - perfect in every way!

These are PERFECT! Any bigger and they wouldn't fit in our toy teacups! Besides, it's a toy - it should be slightly smaller than the real thing! All the kids who visit love these cute little tea bags. Even our kids' grandparents can't get over the cute little tea bags and are delighted to attend the tea parties at any time. There's just something about them - they feel so nice and are so much fun to handle. I'm going to get another set so we can have more stuffed animal "guests" at our daily parties.

Rated: Rated 5

Time for tea.

This tin of four teabags is perfect for pretend tea parties and even just in general for the play kitchen (which is what we bought it for). The entire teabag is made of wood (except for the string of course) which makes it very durable. As for the size, the tea bags are perfectly sized for little hands. I see many reviews stating that Haba play foods are too small. Well of course they are! They are meant to be "life size" relative to the child's hand, not an adult's hand. For example, a real life tea bag is about a third the size of an adult hand and these tea bags are about a third the size of a child's hand - so really, the size is perfect.

Rated: Rated 5

A Perfect Pretend Toy for 18 Month Old

Despite, Haba reccommends these Tea Bags for children of age 3 and up, it's a perfect pretend toy for 18 month old. I drink tea a lot during a day. I cannot tell how many tea bags I wasted, because my little one wanted to make tea, too. Now, she has her own tea bags and she makes her own tea every time she wants. The quality of this set is excellent, and I do not affarid when my little "chewing" machine put these tea bags in her mouse.

Rated: Rated 5

Best for tea parties, as the bags don't rip

We used to use real tea bags in the play kitchen, but eventually they would rip and the tea would fall out everywhere. These are the perfect replacement. We love them.

Rated: Rated 5

Just awesome

I am very impressed with these little tea bags. They are fantastic quality, a great value, and just adorable. They are perfect for my daughter's tea set from Green Toys. She LOVES making tea. I love that they come in a reusable, durable tin. We also bought the sugar cubes to put in her Easter basket.

Rated: Rated 4

Cute but tags a problem

These little tea bags are really cute. As a family who run on tea not coffee, our two kids love making mommy and daddy cups of tea with them. However, while they stood up well to our daughter's play, our 2 year old son was just as keen to serve us tea and has managed to pull the tags off two of the tea bags. I re-threaded that one and tied a bigger, tighter knot but when he pulled another off I removed them all. I notice a previous reviewer said they were fine for 18 month olds. I would actually be careful about ignoring the manufacturer's recommended age of 3+ on this particular toy because of the tag issue and if, like us, you have a younger child who is always into their older brother or sister's toys, I recommend you keep a close eye on the tags or maybe even detach them altogether. Sure they won't look as cute but they're not a choking hazard then either.
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