The Safety of Our Products

The safety concerns that have prompted big toy brands like Mattel to recall their products have always been our concerns here at Moolka. One of the many reasons that we carry European-designed toys is the confidence that these brands allow us to have in the safety of what we sell. We are parents and our approach to our business has always been from the perspective that, as parents, we will carry the toys that we want our children to play with and enjoy.

Most of the toys we sell are not only designed in Europe but are manufactured there as well.
We benefit from the high safety standards that European brands have put in place in terms of being able to bring you toys made from the finest materials, toys that are manufactured in quality-controlled environments and are guaranteed to be made of non-toxic, lead-free elements.

In the case of a product being designed in Europe but manufactured of European materials abroad or designed and made from materials sourced from outside of the company’s country of origin, we have taken great care to get assurance that the brand’s safety controls are upheld from start to finish.

In fact, we want you to be able to see the guarantees that our brands have made about their products: the list of links below will take you to pages of official correspondence from the companies we deal with.

If you still have concerns about any of the products or brands that we carry, please don't hesitate to contact us as we are more than happy to answer your questions.

We appreciate our loyal customers and want you to continue to trust us to carry exactly the toys you want to share with your family and friends.

Thank you from all of us here at Moolka.


Recall information

Click here for an up-to-date information on current product recalls.

Where Our Products are Made

Anamalz Australia China  
Automoblox Germany German Wood/US Plastic/Assembled in China  
Bamboo Collection China China  
BlaBla USA Peru  
Boikido France China letter from manufacturer
Brio Sweden China  
Bud Australia China  
Caran D'ache Switzerland Switzerland  
Chelona Greece China  
Corolle France China  
Crocodile Creek Sweden China  
Djeco France Thailand/China  
Doudou et Compagnie France China  
Faber Castel Germany Germany/Brazil/Indonesia/India letter from manufacturer  
Furnis Austria Sri Lanka/China  
Grimm's Spiel & Holz Germany Germany  
Haba Germany Wooden Toys in Germany/ Towels and Rugs in India and Turkey/ Fabric in China letter from manufacturer  
Hama Denmark Denmark  
Hape Germany China  
Hess Germany Germany  
Heros Germany Germany  
Holtziger Germany Germany  
Inoxcram Spain Spain  
Kaloo France China  
Kathe Kruse Germany Germany letter from manufacturer
Kettler Germany Germany letter from manufacturer
Keptin Jr. Netherlands Lithuania  
Kit+Lili USA Argentina  
Lana Organic Austria Germany/Lithuania/Turkey  
Latitude Enfant France China letter from manufacturer
L'oseau Bateau France France/Eastern Europe  
Oeuf USA Latvia  
Olli Germany China  
Plan Toys Thailand Thailand letter from manufacturer
Quadrilla Germany China  
Scratch Belgium Czech Republic/China  
Selecta Germany Germany/Czech Republic  
Sevi Italy Italy/China letter from manufacturer
Sigikid Germany Romania/Sri Lanka/Indonesia/Vietnam/China  
Sina Germany Germany  
Spielstabil Germany Germany  
Togu Germany Germany  
Vilac France France/China  
Woody Click Germany China